We meet on Thursday evenings at the Quarry Fitness Centre, upstairs cafe area from 7.30pm.  We have exclusive use of the pool from 8-9pm for dive training and practice or you can simply go for a swim.  Members can bring family members along for swimming.

We own two rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIBS).  From May-Sep there are usually monthly trips to the coast.  Due to the weather, we tend to visit inland dive quarries in the winter.   All diving members help to organise dive days / weekends so that the responsibility doesn’t fall on a few people. 

The costs of diving trips are shared equally by those going on the trip (boat fuel, launch fees, accommodation, etc). 

All other maintenance costs (RIB servicing, registration, insurance, etc.) are covered by the club.

We have a club compressor which members can use to fill diving cylinders (up to 300 bar).  Use of the compressor is included in your membership subscription.

We run courses for new divers as well as progression courses for existing members to develop their skills.

Club members who have qualified as instructors give their time to provide training. The club has nine sets of pool SCUBA equipment that Ocean Diver students can use until they are qualified.

Qualified members supply their own kit, but we can often help you to build up your equipment and other members are often happy to loan items to new members until they manage to buy their own.

There is also a good social side to the club.  We go to the Red Barn pub on Thursday evenings after the pool session and there are regular meals out and a Christmas party.


Because SSAC is a BSAC branch, SSAC Diving Members are required to be members of BSAC. Current adult and junior BSAC subscriptions as above, can be found on the BSAC website together with instructor variations, which are payable annually directly to BSAC.

We accept members from the age of 10.  Please note that diver training is age limited by BSAC. If you are under 18, you will also need to provide a signed Parental Consent Form which can be downloaded using this button.


Membership TypeAnnual Subscription (£)Monthly Subscription (£)
Full Diving Member (18+)174.0014.50
Joint Diving Member (with a full diving member)132.0011.00
Student Diving Member (in full / part time education)90.007.50
Junior Diving Member (12 – 17)90.007.50
Snorkel Member (18+)90.00n/a
Junior Snorkel Member (12 – 17)44.50n/a
Family Snorkelling Member (2 x parent, 2 x children)108.00n/a
Social /Swim Membership (available to ex-full diving members only)90.007.50
Try-Dives (refundable upon joining SSAC)20.00n/a
Try-Snorkel (refundable upon joining SSAC)15.00n/a
Visiting qualified divers (single session)15.00n/a
Visiting qualified divers (each of multiple sessions)10.00n/a

Diving member subscriptions are payable via BSAC direct debit.  Members joining the club as trainee Ocean Divers will be charged an annual fee at the time of joining.  Upon their first anniversary, this can be changed to a monthly payment via BSAC direct debit.

At the committee’s discretion, it may recommend to the membership that certain members have their subscription discounted or waived entirely in return for services provided to the club.  Such matters must be voted for by the membership and must be reviewed annually.